Committee Chairs

Board of Governors
Chair – Control Committee
Ms. Shulamit Eshbol

An attorney and accountant, Ms. Eshbol was appointed Chair of the Control Committee in 2006 and fills this position in a voluntary capacity. She currently practices law in her own law firm. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Industrial Development Bank of Israel Ltd. and the Israel Electric Company.

Executive Committee
Chair – Finance Committee
Mr. Joseph Dvir

Mr. Dvir was senior vice president and CFO of the Israel Electric Corp. where he has served in a variety of positions over the past 40 years. He was responsible for financial management, long-term financial planning, natural gas and fuel acquisitions, etc. He served as a director of the National Coal Co., and was Board Chairman of Energy Resources Development, which set up the power station to create electricity and steam from oil shale. Today he also serves as the Board Chairman of the IEC employees training and savings fund.

Chair – Investment Subcommittee
Ms. Yochi Dvir

Ms. Dvir, an economist, filled a number of positions in Migdal Group, between the years 1981-2000, the most recent being senior Vice President of the group. Since 2000, she has been an independent strategic advisor for various projects and is a member on several boards including Menorah, Elite industries, ECI Telecomm and Israel Corp.

Chair – Physical Development Committee
Mr. Joseph Antverg

Mr. Antverg is currently Chairman of the Board of Becco Biofuels Ltd, Spain, TME Methylesterwerke GmbH, Germany, Pacifica Holdings Ltd, Agam metal works Ltd, and Haifa Economic Corporation Ltd. He is a former Managing Director of Sonol Israel Ltd., Dor Energy Ltd. and Dor Chemicals Ltd. He has also held a variety of public offices, and is currently Chairman of the Board of Hi-Center, Haifa Hi-Tech Acceleration Center.

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