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Vice President and Director General

bmarzanMr. Baruch Marzan

Tel: 972-4-8240872
Fax: 972-4-8343441




The Executive Committee approved the appointment of Mr. Baruch Marzan as Vice-President for Administration. He takes over from Prof. Aharon Kellerman, who had held the position for a decade.

Baruch Marzan is a graduate of the University of Haifa, with a B.A. in economics and statistics and an M.A. (research track) in applied organizational sociology (2000) from the Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology. He has twenty years of managerial experience in the areas of budgets and finance, human resources, and general administration. He has a deep familiarity with both the University’s academic and administrative systems.

Mr. Marzan has lfilled a long list of positions at the University, including Academic Secretary (2000-2004), Manager of the Research Authority, head of the Immigrant Absorption Program, and administrative manager of the External Studies-Continuous Education Unit. He was chairman of the Forum of Managers of Research Authorities in Israel. He has participated in all University institutions—Board of Governors, Executive Committee, Senate, and Management, as well as different subcommittees—and has been a member of committees dealing with various subjects at the University.

In 2003, he was awarded the President’s Prize to an Outstanding Manager for his special contribution to the management of academic resources at the University

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