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ron rProf. Ron Robin

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Prof. Ron Robin is an expert in American History, with a PhD in American History from the University of California at Berkley (1986).  Prof. Robin was a faculty member at the University of Haifa for over twenty years, during which he held several official positions, including Dean of Students.  In 2006, Prof. Robin joined prestigious NYU where, amongst other things, he served as the Vice provost and was responsible for establishing two NYU international campuses-in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. 

Prof. Robin is the author of six books and dozens of articles.  He has written about the political, cultural and media aspects of the Cold war between the US and the former USSR (Princeton University Press), and about Politics and Culture in the American academia. His articles have been published in prestigious journals such as American Quarterly, Diplomatic History, American Studies International, and Journal of American Studies.

Under his leadership, the University of Haifa will focus on global interdisciplinary research in collaboration with leading international research institutions.  The interdisciplinary approach allows the University to develop varied areas of knowledge under the auspices of joint, innovative and unexpected "umbrellas" which will lead to breakthroughs. 

Prof. Robin's previous roles at the University and his many years as a faculty member have provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the diverse University student community, a community that is a mirror image of Israeli society.  The role of the University is to provide its graduates with tools based on academic knowledge and critical thinking that will allow them to occupy leading positions in Israeli society. 


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