Student Disciplinary Authorities

About the Authority

  • Studies at the University of Haifa are founded on mutual trust between the institution and its students and necessitate appropriate behavior. Students will study and focus intellectually and professionally, aspire to high academic achievement and take personal responsibility for their studies. They will maintain academic integrity in all that matters relating to their studies including truthful, reliable and precise reporting, and fair and accurate citation and quotation of sources.
  • The University of Haifa sees great importance in maintaining proper behavior, in general, and in academic integrity in particular, by all members of the University community, including its students who are required to faithfully fulfil their learning, disciplinary and other obligations.
  • The University of Haifa Disciplinary Authority was established to handle all matters of discipline related to the University’s students.
  • The Authority draws its authority from the Student Disciplinary Regulations, which were approved by the University Senate. The Regulations formalize the processes and delineate the student disciplinary process in the University of Haifa.


Ms. Elena Yanovsky, Coordinator, Disciplinary Authorities and Committees
Office phone number: 04-824-0201 (external); 52201 (internal)