Dean of teaching and learning – Prof. Shay Tzafrir

פרופ׳ שי צפרירProf. Shay Tzafrir emphasizes his research on people management and especially on the interface between trust, human capital and the stakeholders’ behavior. Prof. Tzafrir has been involved in training and development since 1989. Between 2016 to 2021, he served as the head of Haifa School of Business Administration (HSBA) as well as the director of the Center for Organizational Research and Human Resource Management. In 2016, he co-founded the Quarterly for Organizational Research and Human Resource Management, a journal dedicated to contribution of academic research to the business and public community of Israel. Over the years, he held a numerous positions at the university: Senate member, member of the University Constitution Committee, chairman of HSBA doctoral committee, and more. At the public level, he was the chairman of the Israeli Research Association for the Study of Labor Relations (2009-2011), and a lay judge at the Israeli National Labor Court (2010-2018).

The main role of the Dean of Teaching is to ensure the quality of students admitted and the high level of university graduates. The academy must respond to the global call (or demand) of adding ‘social impact’ to the goals of academic training, and in building and encouraging entrepreneurship. That is, the challenge to the university is to take an active interest in society, beyond the creation and distribution of knowledge. The learning experience should consist of high-level teaching and an enriching and supportive learning environment, in order to lead to value-creating learning and exposure, which in turn will encourage students to dream and imagine. We will work together to achieve these goals on several levels, the spatial level, the technological level and the physical level (learning spaces).