Academic Planning Unit

On November 11, 1997, the University of Haifa Standing Committee decided to set up the Academic Planning Unit, charged with providing University of Haifa decision makers with an information base for long-term development projects. This Unit constitutes part of the Academic Secretariat.

The Unit’s functions:

  • Initiating, planning and execution of studies, surveys and data gathering and organization toward building an information infrastructure at the University for determining academic policy.
  • Providing answers to research questions of interest to the University Administration.
  • Processing and preparing data in response to special requests by the Rector and the University Administration, Faculty Deans, University committees, Heads of Departments and other entities.
  • Responsible for conducting the teaching satisfaction surveys – which are carried out in cooperation with the Student association.
  • Conducting various service satisfaction surveys in the University in cooperation with the HR division and/or other units.
  • Tracking University admission policies and handling University admission requirements while locating and identifying demand trends vis-à-vis departments, ongoing tracking of admission data, realization data, and updating of segmentation accordingly.
  • Data collection and organization for use in studies conducted by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation.
  • Participation as representatives of the Unit on various committees dealing with subjects related to strategic academic planning.
  • Intake and verification of applicants’ grades and scores; responsibility for organizing the Psychometric Test given at the University.

Unit Staff:

Ms. Fany Pisahov, Unit Director and Statistician
Office phone number: 04-824-0037

Ms. Sigalit Mangut-Leiba, Data Analyst
Office phone number: 04-824-9408

Mr. Avi Bar-On, Statistical Programmer
Office phone number: 04-824-9940

Ms. Noa Gidron, Unit Coordinator
Office phone number: 04-824-0280