Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the University’s executive authority and is responsible for charting the University’s policy, determining its strategy, supervising its corporate organizational structure, and overseeing its concerns and property.

The Executive Committee is an operative, active, and accessible institution.

The Executive Committee has authority in all University matters that are not assigned in the constitution or rules to other University authorities, except for academic authority, which belongs to the Rector.

The chairman of the Executive Committee is elected by the Board from the public representatives on the Committee for a term of three years with the possibility of extending the term for another three years. The Committee members are chosen from the members of the Board of Governors.

Members of the Executive Committee are elected for a term of three years with the possibility of serving two additional terms. The Executive Committee consists of the Chairman of the Board of Governors, the President of the University and the Rector; 12 public representatives; 4 senate representatives; and one student representative


Liat Segal, Director of the Chairman’s Office
Tel: 972-4-8249560 Fax: 972-4-8342104 , lavidan@univ.haifa.ac.il

Eshkol Tower, 26th floor, Room 11