Undergraduate (Bachelors Degree)

Undergraduate studies are conducted in two study tracks, from which the student may choose: a double-major track – this track includes two main study departments in which 60 credits are earned in each department; a single-major track in which 120 credit points must be successfully completed. Not all departments offer both tracks. Different departments and study programs may have a higher number of credits.

Why a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Haifa:

Diverse studies – over 60 different departments from a variety of faculties and fascinating combinations

We also study in the summer – the first university in Israel to arrange the summer semester as a standard semester for all purposes, and enable a variety of undergraduate programs in only two years, including two summer semesters.

Scholarships – A large variety of scholarships are offered at the University of Haifa based on various criteria.

Vibrant campus life – a bachelor’s degree is not only about studies. It also includes an enjoyable social and cultural life at the university, with live performances, open lectures, plays and concerts.

The University also offers a variety of sports activities, a tennis center and a fitness and sports club on campus at subsidized rates for students.

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