Departments for Doctoral Studies

In order to obtain the degree of “Doctor of Philosophy”, the research student must plan and carry out an original and independent research, which constitutes a major innovation and contribution to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in the research field in which he/she has completed his/her studies, and write a scientific thesis according to the customary structure and terminology used in professional literature.

In addition, the research student must prove that he/she has a command of the background material and the professional literature in the area of specialization, and to successfully complete the studies demanded of him/her (including supplementary studies and language studies) and all other obligations

applicable according to the Doctoral Studies Regulations.

The general structure of the doctoral studies and all other details related to writing the research proposal and doctoral dissertation are based on the Doctoral Studies Regulations.

Why study for a Ph.D. Degree at the University of Haifa?

Quality teaching and research staff

A combination of extensive academic-research activity as well as a contribution to society and the community in a pluralistic and encouraging atmosphere

An excellent university library, state-of-the-art computer systems, research labs and equipment to assist in imparting knowledge

Special scholarships according to criteria.

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