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Chairman of the Executive Committee

תמונה תומכת תוכן

Telephone: 04-8249560, 8240585
Fax: 04-8342104

Shmuel Eden, known as Mooly, is the Chairman of the University of Haifa's Executive Committee.

Shmuel (Mooly) Eden is one of Israel’s Technology leaders, and until 2015 he held the position of Senior Vice President in Worldwide Intel Corporation and the president of Intel Israel (Israel's largest private sector employer). 

In 2012 Eden was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the top 10 most brilliant technological minds in the world alongside Amazon CEO and Apple chief designer. In 2010 Eden was voted by Fast Company magazine as one the 26 most creative people in the world.

Eden received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel in 1973 and a senior business management degree from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem He taught as an adjunct senior lecturer at the MBA program of the Technion Institute of Technology from 1999 to 2002.

Eden joined Intel Israel in 1982. He held numerous technical and managerial positions in microprocessor development. Among the highlight of his career one can mention:

  • Leading the design of the Intel® Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology (The first Multibillion $ processor designed in Israel).
  • Leading the design of Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology (That started the Mobile revolution)
  • Shaping the Intel Israel development centers to be one of the best innovative design centers in the world

In 2003 Eden relocated to the US and held several marketing and executive positions. Before returning to Israel he was heading Intel’s biggest business unit, The Notebook and desk top group, growing its revenue to 32B$

In 2012 Eden returned to Israel where he has been serving as the President of Intel Israel as well as the General Manager of the Perceptual Computing organization (Man Machine Interface) which he established in 2011. Eden dedicated his free time to promote STEM education and help startups.

Since 2015, Mooly has been investing his time in STEM education, in promoting innovation and excellence in IDF elite units as well as governmental agencies.  He has also been active in coaching and promoting start-ups.
Today he is investing his time in promoting innovation end excellence in IDF and Government ministries and coaching and promoting startups.