The Climate and Environmental Sustainability Center

Brings under one roof all areas of academic activity in the fields of the climate crisis, environmental issues, and environmental sustainability, and promotes the university’s activities in these areas. The center aims to develop and promote the following activities:

Research – award doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships, enhance research collaborations within and outside the university, hold scientific seminars, lecture series and conferences.

Teaching – provide cross-faculty courses dealing with the climate crisis, and with environmental and sustainability issues across all students from all faculties and academic disciplines.

Promote environmental innovation of applied projects such as renewable energies, food security, greenhouse mitigation technologies among others.

Environmental activities with and within the community – joint activities on and off the campus with the university students, activities for school students, online lectures for the public and more.

Researchers from various environmental fields (such as Geography, Natural Resource Management, Biology, Marine Sciences) are involved in the center activities, but also from broader adjacent disciplines (such as Sociology, Law, Political Science or Public Health).

This is how the center embodies the University’s profound commitment to raise awareness and contribute to the environment, to the community and to the Israeli society as a whole.

Prof. Shlomit Paz, a researcher of the climate crisis and its impacts is head of this center.

Haifa Center on the Politics of Inequality

The center is the first of its kind in Israel, unique in its scope and interdisciplinary research agenda.

University of Haifa is uniquely qualified to lead research and training on inequality.

The Center is bringing together its leading scholars from departments of sociology, history, social work and welfare, and education.

University of Haifa’s reputation as a leading interdisciplinary research institution strongly positions it to become a center of excellence in this field.

Management team:

Prof. Meir Yaish, Email:
Prof. Daniel Gutwein, Email:
Prof. Tali Kristal, Email: 




Advancing Brain Research

Mission: Advancing Brain Sciences, Benefiting Society

The university-wide Haifa Brain and Behavior Hub (HBBH) is a transdisciplinary focal point that coordinates and oversees UofH’s neuroscience agenda and brings together faculty from different fields of study to advance holistic solutions for complex medical, educational, and societal problems.

Our unique emphasis on the intersection between brain and behavior sets us apart from other research initiatives in Israel and positions us to transform promising ideas into tomorrow’s health care solutions.  The Center supports efforts to recruit leading brain researchers to the University of Haifa, as well as promising students.

Given our unique emphasis on both brain and behavior, the Hub supports basic research and clinical applications that can lead to new treatments for incapacitating illnesses (e.g. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease) and the prevention of psychiatric disorders (e.g. PTSD and schizophrenia), as well as to improving human performance and well-being in areas such as education, creativity, and cognitive abilities.


The Kayama Center

The Kayama Center, affiliated with the University of Haifa, is dedicated to enhancing the abilities of impact leaders who develop solutions for the most significant global challenges. We provide knowledge and training in impact management and measurement through courses, research, and community building. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of cross-sector collaborations to amplify social and environmental impact and expand the positive impact network.