Baruch Marzan – Vice President for Internationalization and Sustainability

Baruch Marzan holds a BA from the University of Haifa in the Departments of Economics and Statistics, MA from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in the field of Applied Organizational Sociology in the research track.

Mr. Baruch Marzan has a wealth of experience in the academic and administrative system in general and in the University of Haifa in particular, and has approximately 35 years of managerial experience in the fields of budgets and finances, construction, human resources and general management.

In his role as Vice President and CEO of the University from 2004 to 2021, he was responsible for the day-to-day management and for the general and physical development of the University of Haifa.

Mr. Marzan was a member of the CEO Forum of Universities in Israel and between the years 2019 – 2020, he was chairman of the CEO Forum of the Committee of University Heads. He serves as a director of the School of Tourism Ltd. and served as a public representative and deputy chairman of the Water Corporation of the Haifa Municipality – Carmel Water Ltd. for 6 years.

Mr. Marzan has held a wide range of positions at the University including: Academic Secretary (2000-2004), Director of the Research Authority, Head of the Immigrant Absorption Division and Administrative Director of the External Studies Unit. He won the Presidential Award for Outstanding Director for a unique contribution to the management of academic resources at the University.

In October 2021, the Board of Directors of the University of Haifa approved the appointment of Mr. Marzan to the position of Vice President for Internationalization and Sustainability. In this role, Mr. Marzan is responsible for: formulating an international strategy for the University and implementing it; responsibility for the international school; promoting the issue of sustainability and the SDGs index within the framework of international programs; increasing the number of international students at the university; marketing of international programs; integration and inclusion of the Sustainability Council and more.