Prof. Gur Alroey – Rector

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Prof. Gur Alroey is a historian of Jewish history in modern times and Head of the Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies. He served as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities between 2016-2020.

Prof. Alroey received his PhD in 2001 from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His main fields of research are Jewish migration in the late 19th century and early 20th century, Early Zionism and the Territorial Ideology.

Prof. Alroey is the author of six books and dozens of articles. His most recent book, “An Unpromising Land: The Jewish Migration to Palestine in the Early Twentieth Century,” was published by Stanford University Press.

In 2021, he was appointed Rector of the University of Haifa. During his tenure, he championed a commitment to environmental and social sustainability as the university’s guiding academic vision. Under his leadership, the university achieved the top ranking among Israeli research universities in the Times Higher Education Sustainability Index.

Professor Alroey, a Major (Res) in the IDF’s Missing Persons Unit, recently published “And Their Place is Unknown: Six MIAs from Israel’s War of Independence.” The book recounts the stories of six individuals who went missing during the War of Independence, their burial places remaining unknown until Professor Alroey, through his dedicated efforts in the unit, successfully identified them.

In 2024, Professor Alroey was elected as the next president of the University of Haifa.

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