Haifa University strives to be a workplace and learning environment which is free from sexual harassment or mistreatment as a result of sexual harassment, in any place where activities are conducted on behalf of the university while working or studying, while exploiting authority in employment or study relationships, at any location.

To this end, the university’s management have appointed the Complaints Commission for Sexual Harassment Committee, headed by Prof. Anat Derech-Zehavi.

Sexual harassment and sexual harassment based mistreatment infringe on human dignity, freedom, privacy and gender equality.

Acts of sexual harassment are, in fact, criminal acts, disciplinary offenses, and grounds for monetary compensation claims.

Sexual harassment and mistreatment cause harm to work relationships, constitute a disciplinary offense under the University’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Regulations, and according to university disciplinary regulations, and are contrary to accepted university policies, and the University will not accept them.