Ancillary Fees

All students, including those studying part-time and those enrolled and eligible only to submit papers or take exams, are required to pay “ancillary fees” in addition to the basic tuition.

Details of the ancillary fees for the 2022-2023 academic year:

Student Services Fee: 434 NIS

Security Fee: 500 NIS

Note: “Student Services Fee” is a payment for student services provided by the university or by the Student Union as detailed below: Teaching evaluations; Tutorial classes in a variety of courses; Representation on the Disciplinary Committee; Activism that benefits students; Eligibility discounts on membership fee to the university’s Sports Center; Eligibility discounts for artist performances; Eligibility to apply for scholarships for social involvement; Distribution of microwaves and coffee hubs on campus; Career counseling services through the Dean of Students; Posting of free advertisements on the Student Union website; Eligibility to participate in the on-campus parking lottery; A database of tutors and translators at discounted prices advertised on the Student Union website; Eligibility to travel on university shuttles. Services provided by the Student Union are the responsibility of the Union.

It is possible to waive the Student Services Fee in full by giving written notice** of such waiver to the Department of Tuition and Student Services in the Student Administration Division by the start of the academic year, October 23, 2022. Student Services Fees will not be waived after this date. Students who choose to waive the fee, will not be entitled to receive student services as specified above. Students in programs whose start date is not the same as the opening date of the academic year,*** will be able to waive this payment until the day their program begins.****

** Below is a link to waive the Student Services Fee for the 2022-2023 academic  year: Press Here

*** Studies beginning in the academic year 2022-2023 in the spring or summer semester.

**** Until the opening of the spring semester on 28.02.2023 or the opening of the summer semester on 12.07.2023, respectively.