We are happy to announce that the University of Haifa has received a 50,000 USD grant from The Hamrin Foundation. In a time of crisis, the money will be used to build individual and collective resilience among students, faculty, and staff, identify their diverse needs, and develop training programs to teach and research in a multi-cultural campus. In light of the turmoil and angry online discourse, the University of Haifa has issued a letter to all students urging restraint, preventing incitement, and promoting tolerance. In addition, a guide that established the boundaries of acceptable discourse on campus and on social media was published. Facilitated Support Groups promoting tolerance and resilience are held with the participation of hundreds of students. “In times of crisis, we are glad to support humanism and tolerance, embracing a vision where all individuals stand as equals. During times of turbulence, our shared commitment to understanding and respect can lead to positive transformation. Lessons like these resonate globally, offering invaluable insights into diverse cultures. Today, in Sweden, there’s a pressing call for practical action, making this learning especially relevant. The THF supports education that promotes unity and empathy in our societies” says Lovisa Hamrin, Chairwoman of The Hamrin Foundation. University of Haifa’s president Prof. Ron Robin adds: “Our mission is to ensure a safe and secure campus to all our students, faculty and staff“. 

 The approved project granted funding will start in 2023.