Undergraduate (Bachelors Degree)

Undergraduate Degree in Learning, Instruction, and Teacher Education

Learning period: 3 Years | Type of Program: Double major | Enrollment Status:  Closed for the academic year 2021. | Department web site

Admission Requirements

The Department of Learning, Instruction and Teacher Education is based on an integrative conception which involves the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of learning, instructing, and teacher training in innovative learning environments, professional learning, guidance and training, curriculum design, and teaching a discipline. The program provides an academic, empirical and practical basis for working in formal and informal educational settings.
Students of the Department will acquire extensive knowledge of teaching their discipline alongside a broad interdisciplinary perspective of teaching processes, designing and developing learning environments, teacher education processes, and professional development. The Department combines contents of teaching, learning, and instructing, while emphasizing the link between theory, research and practice, innovative pedagogies and personal and professional development of educators.
The department aims to train and develop educators, professional teachers, and instructors who have a thorough academic knowledge in the various disciplines, a comprehensive social vision and commitment, and a high level of professional skills.

Admission Requirements

Due to the update in the admission requirements followed COVID-19 outbreak, please check the Hebrew website here.

  • General university admission requirements , see website
  • A weighted grade of 580
  • Interview or admission exam—according to requirements
  • Departmental requirements—admission to a relevant disciplinary department

Admission Requirements for Students who have a Matriculation Certificate** but have not taken the Psychometric Exam:
1. Candidates with an average grade of 100 or higher in their Matriculation Certificate will be required to undergo an oral-interview exam. Preference will be given to candidates with previous teaching experience. Those with proven teaching experience will be able to apply to the department even if they do not meet the threshold conditions of the matriculation average. Candidates who pass the oral-interview exam will be accepted as a full-time student.
In exceptional cases, the Admissions Committee can recommend accepting a candidate for the "Studies towards a degree in Learning, Instruction, and Teacher Education" track. Candidates who are accepted for this track will be required to study two introductory courses in the second semester and pass them with a minimum grade of 80 in each course.
If they receive the required grades in the pre-undergraduate track courses, they will be accepted to the Bachelor of Arts studies the following semester. These courses will count towards their degree.

Applicants who have completed their first year studies at the University of Haifa (in one of the fields of knowledge)
1. Completed at least 18 credits in the disciplinary department
2. Achieved an average grade greater than 90 in the first yea
3.Successfully passed a test- interview
Areas of Practice: Political Science, Creative Arts, Geography and Environmental Studies, General History, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Israeli Studies, Hebrew Language, Music, Hebrew and Comparative Literature, English Language and Literature, Arabic Language and Literature, History of Art, History of Israel, Theater.

Graduates of the Haifa University Preparatory School
1. Graduates of the day preparatory School at the University of Haifa, a grade point average of at least 85 and test – interview are required.
2. For graduates of the 30+ preparatory course, admission is without a psychometric test, if the candidate meets all of the following conditions:
A. An average of al least 80 in first year of spiritual / social studies
B. Compliance with the Hebrew conditions of a grade in the Yael test greater than 120 (125 for Hebrew language students) and English conditions at the advanced level.
C. The department will consider the application in the admissions committee.

Transition channel between the Open University and the University of Haifa-
The transition channel allows students to begin their undergraduate studies at the Open University, and after studying a series of courses and meeting the English and Hebrew requirements as required, to move to the Department of Learning, Teaching and Training at the University of Haifa. Further information can be obtained from the department secretariat. More information on the Transition channel can be found on the website.


Students will acquire a rich knowledge towards instruction of the discipline along with a broad interdisciplinary perspective of teaching processes, and designing & developing learning environments, training processes, and professional development. The Department integrates contents of teaching, learning, and training, with emphasis on the relationship between theory, research, and practice; innovative pedagogies, and personal and professional development of educators.

Students can complete a B.A. along with a teaching certificate in three years.


Employment options upon graduation: Graduates can work in the fields of education, teaching, etc.

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