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Master’s degree in Business Administration

Learning period: 18 months | Registration Status: open for Fall semester 2020-2021 | Department web site


The Department of Business Administration at the University of Haifa strives to lead in academic research and teaching in fields critical to companies and organizations in Israel, while taking into consideration the characteristics of the global environment in which they operate. The Department, as an independent body in the University of Haifa’s Faculty of Management, was established in 2011 in the illustrious tradition of the Faculty, which was founded in 1996. The first and current head of the department is Professor Shay Tzafrir.

Students can choose between a research MBA program (with a thesis), or one of the many non-research MBA programs without a thesis:

MBA General Executive Level

MBA in the Management of Nonprofit Organizations

MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management

MBA in Real Estate Management and Appraisal

MBA Specializing in Management of Shipping and Ports

International MBA

International MBA specializing in sustainability