Undergraduate (Bachelors Degree)

Undergraduate Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies

Learning period: 3 Years | Type of Program: Single major, double major| Enrollment Status:  Open for the spring semester- academic year 2020-2021| Department web site

Admission Requirements

The Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies of the University of Haifa deals with physical, environmental, and human phenomena.

The program grants students with theoretical, factual, and applied knowledge, research tools and skills through lectures, on-site learning in field trips, and hands-on activities in the department’s labs.

The department researches and teaches a variety of disciplines, including geology, geomorphology, climate, ecology and environment, water resources, cultural, social, urban, and historical geography, tourism, environmental planning and environmental policy, geographic information systems, remote sensing, and emergency and disaster management.

Admission Requirements

Due to the update in the admission requirements followed COVID-19 outbreak, please check the Hebrew website here.

  • General university admission requirements, see website
  • Weighted grade: 540, special requirements for practical engineers, tour guides, and professional training programs (see departmental websites).
  • Weighted grade: 500 for evening program, special requirements for practical engineers, tour guides, and professional training programs (see departmental websites).
  • Departmental interview / exam—if required and at the department’s discretion.


  • Single major, double major,
  • Double major evening program
  • Combined single major evening program for practical engineers (closed for spring semester)
  • Double major evening program for certified tour guides
  • Combined single major evening program for trained professionals (closed for spring semester)


Graduate’s employment options: Graduates can work in municipalities and local councils, environmental organizations, organizations for water and land resources, tourism, defense, emergency response, cartography, and more. Certified teachers can work in education and pedagogy.

שילובים מומלצים עם החוג לגיאוגרפיה ולימודי הסביבה:
לימודים רב-תחומיים, לימודי המזרח התיכון והאסלאם, לימודי ארץ ישראל, לימודי אסיה, ארכיאולוגיה