Regulations for tuition fees by degree:

Bachelor’s Degree tuition regulations

Master’s Degree tuition regulations

Ph.D. Degree tuition regulations

Tuition fee regulations for diploma studies

Non-degree studies

Tuition fee rates and components

Tuition fee rates and payment dates:

  • Tuition fee rates for the current academic year - PDF
  • Tuition fee amount
  • Tuition fees for foreign students and for students funded by a third party
  • Tuition fee payment dates

Tuition fee components:

  • Related payments
  • Study tours
  • Student Union membership
  • English as a foreign language
  • Issuing certificates


  • Fine for late entering of class schedule
  • Fine for a returned check / standing order
  • Fine for non-registration / non-appearance at second exam date
  • Fine for non-appearance on a special examination date
  • Interest on arrears
  • Linkage differentials

Student Cancellation Policy for the current academic year (PDF)


Department for Student Services and Tuition Fees forms (PDF forms)

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