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The Division of Communications and Media Relations at the University of Haifa was established in 2005, as part of a University resolution to reorganize all media and public relations matters.

The division’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining relations with the media, distributing press releases, responding to journalist requests, and coordinating interviews for University members in the media
  • Producing and distributing University pamphlets in English and Hebrew
  • Updating content on the University Web site
  • Producing a newsletter for the Friends of the University
  • Representing the University’s image

The Communications and Media Relations website gives you

  • University News: the latest and past news from the University - new studies, important events, visits, and more
  • Our newsletters in English
  • Links to other University pages (English and Hebrew)
  • The University in the Media: Where, when, and about what the University of Haifa and its people have featured in international media
  • Easy search for specific information

Information, comments, and suggestions are welcome at our Division of Communications and Media Relations.

Contact Us:


Tel: +972-4-8240092 / +972-4-8288722

Fax: +972-4-8246995

The website is published in Hebrew, English and Arabic. In case of an inconsistency in the content of the websites, the Hebrew version will prevail.

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