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A list of distinguished scholars who have been awarded the status of Affiliate Professor, University of Haifa

  1. 1.Prof. Jonathan Adelman

Josef Korbel School of International Studies

University of Denver

  1. 2.Prof. Steven M. Albert

Graduate School of Public Health

University of Pittsburgh

  1. 3.Prof. Edward Alexander

English Department

University of Washington

  1. 4.Prof. Jeffrey A. Auerbach

Department of History

California State University, Northridge

  1. 5.Dr. Robert P. Bardinge, Jr.

Department of History, Politics & International Relations

Webster University

  1. 6.Prof. Rob Kim Baum

Faculty of Arts

University of Zululand

  1. 7.Prof. Fred Baumann

Department of Political Science

Kenyon College

  1. 8.Prof. Doron Ben-Atar

Department of History

Fordham University

  1. 9.Dr. Alan F. Benjamin

Jewish Studies Program

The Pennsylvania State University

  1. 10.Prof. Michael Berenbaum

Sigi Ziering Institute

American Jewish University

  1. 11.Prof. Charles Blattberg

Department of Political Science

Universite de Montreal

  1. 12.Prof. Jeffrey H. Bloodworth

Department of History

Gannon University

  1. 13.Prof. David Blumenthal

Department of Religion

Emroy University

  1. 14.Prof. Vernon Bogdanor

Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy

King's College University

  1. 15.Prof. Earl Bowen Jr.

Graduate School of Social Work & Social Research

Bryn Mawr College

  1. 16.Prof. Jacob A. Burack

Institute for Human Development & Well-Being

McGill University

  1. 17.Prof. Barry R. Chiswick

Department of Economics

George Washington University

  1. 18.Prof. Carmel Chiswick

Department of Economics

George Washington University

  1. 19.Dr. Judith R. Cohen

Music Department

York University

  1. 20.Prof. Lloyd R. Cohen

School of Law

George Mason University

  1. 21.Prof. Mitchell Cohen

Department of Political Science

Bernard Baruch College and the Graduate School of the City University of New York

  1. 22.Prof. Sarah Culpepper Stroup

Faculty of Comparative Religion and Jewish Studies

University of Washington

  1. 23.Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis

Jewish and Israel Studies Program

University of North Texas


  1. 24.Prof. Simon L. Dolan

Esade Business School

Ramon Lulu University

  1. 25.Prof. Stanley Dubinsky

Department of English Language & Literature

University of South Carolina

  1. 26.Prof. John M. Efron

Department of History

University of California-Berkeley

  1. 27.Prof. Carl S. Ehrlich

Department of Humanities

York University

  1. 28.Prof. Alex Eskin

Department of Mathematics

University of Chicago

  1. 29.Prof. Bareket Falk

Department of Kinesiology

Brock University

  1. 30.Dr. Terri Susan Fine

Lou Frey Institute of Politics & Government

University of Central Florida

  1. 31.Dr. Lars Fischer

Department of History

University of College London

  1. 32.Prof. Alfred Fisher

School of Music

Queen's University

  1. 33.Dr. William Arthur Fisher

Department of Psychology, Department of Obsterics & Gynaecology

Western University

  1. 34.Prof. Michael V. Fox

Department of Hebrew & Semitic Studies

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  1. 35.Prof. Jonathan Gallant

Genetics (Genome) Department

University of Washington

  1. 36.Dr. Anat Gilboa

UCLA Nazarian Center for Israel Studies

University of California, Los Angeles

  1. 37.Rabbi Elaine Rose Glickman


  1. 38.Dr. Silke Muter Goldberg

Herbert Smith Freehills

  1. 39.Prof. Henry Greenspan

Residential College

The University of Michigan

  1. 40.Prof. Dr. Karl E. Groezinger

School of Jewish Studies

Universitat Potsdam

  1. 41.Prof. Gregory Z. Gutin

Department of Computer Science

Royal Holloway, University of London

  1. 42.Prof. Rosanna Hertz

Department of Sociology & Women's & Gender Studies

Wellesley College

  1. 43.Prof. Susannah Heschel

Department of Religion

Dartmouth College

  1. 44.Dr. Klaus Hoedl

Center for Jewish Studies

University of Graz

  1. 45.Prof. Peter H. Hoffenberg

Department of History

University of Hawaii

  1. 46.Dr. Hannah Holtschneider

School of Divinity

The University of Edinburgh

  1. 47.Prof. Jonathan B. Imber

Department of Sociology

Wellesley College

  1. 48.Prof. Ellen W. Kaplan

Department of Theatre

Smith College

  1. 49.Prof. Shaul Kelner

Vanderbilt University

  1. 50.Prof. Emily A. Keshner

Department of Physical Therapy

Temple University

  1. 51.Dr. Joel Klaff

College of Law, Humanities & Social Sciences

University of Derby

  1. 52.Dr. Lesley Klaff

The Department of Law & Criminology

Sheffield Hallam University

  1. 53.Prof. Samuel Z. Klausner

Department of Sociology

University of Pennsylvania

  1. 54.Dr. Diane B. Kunz

Center for Adoption Policy

  1. 55.Prof. Boris A. Kushner

Department of Mathematics

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

  1. 56.Dr. Melissa Landa

Depratment of Teaching & Learning, Policy & Leadership

University of Maryland

  1. 57.Dr. Martin Laskin

Department of Sociology & Program in Judaic Studies

Southern Connecticut State University

  1. 58.Dr. Uta Larkey

Department of Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures

Goucher College

  1. 59.Prof. Mark Lee Levine

Burns School\Daniels College

University of Denver

  1. 60.Prof. Edward S. Letzter

Department of Mathematics

Temple University

  1. 61.Dr. Holli Levitsky

Jewish Studies Program

Loyola Marymount University

  1. 62.Prof. Joe Lockard

Department of English

Arizona State University

  1. 63.Prof. Jeffry V. Mallow

Department of Physics

Loyola University Chicago

  1. 64.Prof. Judith Mendelsohn Rood

School of Arts & Sciences

Biola University

  1. 65.Prof. Michael Meyer

Hebrew Union College

  1. 66.Prof. Jonathan Morse

Department of English

University of Hawaii

  1. 67.Prof. Cary Nelson

Department of English

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  1. 68.Prof. Ranen Omer-Sherman

Department of Humanities

University of Louisville

  1. 69.Prof. David Patterson

Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies

The University of Texas at Dallas

  1. 70.Dr. Colin D. Pearce

Department of Political Science

Clemson University

  1. 71.Prof. Sharrona Pearl

Annenberg School for Communication

University of Pennsylvania

  1. 72.Prof. Karen K. Petersen

College of Liberal Arts

Middle Tennessee State University

  1. 73.Dr. Robert Phillips

Department of Anthropology

Ball State University

  1. 74.Prof. Sharon Portnoff

Department of Religious Studies

Connecticut College

  1. 75.Prof. Larry Ray

School of Social Policy, Sociology & Social Research

University of Kent

  1. 76.Prof. Sara Reguer

Department of Judaic Studies

Brooklyn College

  1. 77.Prof. Donna Robinson Divine

Department of Government

Smith College

  1. 78.Prof. J. Martin Rochester

Department of Political Science

University of Missouri-St. Louis

  1. 79.Dr. Asaf Romirowsky

Graz College, Penn State University, Drexel University

  1. 80.Prof. Theodore M. Sasson

Program in Jewish Studies

Middlebury College

  1. 81.Prof. Anthony Scopatz

Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department

University of South Carolina

  1. 82.Prof. Ira M. Sheskin

Department of Geography and Regional Studies

University of Miami

  1. 83.Prof. Eran Shor

Department of Sociology

McGill University

  1. 84.Prof. Jeffrey Spencer Shoulson

Center for Judaic Studies & Contemporary Jewish Life

University of Connecticut

  1. 85.Prof. Naomi B. Sokoloff

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization

University of Washington

  1. 86.Dr. Stephen E. Sussman

School of Professional & Career Education

Barry University

  1. 87.Dr. Ilkka Syvanne
  2. 88.Prof. Rivka Ulmer

Depatment of Religious Studies

Bucknell University

  1. 89.Dr. Sidney A. Vineburg

College of Education

Grand Canyon University


  1. 90.Dr. Felicia Waldman

University of Bucharest


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2015 - The Year in Pictures

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A list of distinguished scholars who have been awarded the status of Affiliate Professor, University of Haifa